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Building a better future
The stories below include information about how and why these women got into the construction industry, what they studied, what path they have taken through the industry, what challenges they have overcome and what their career highlights are.

The stories aim to provide inspiring and relevant information for girls and young women considering career and training options, career advisors and young women wanting to move into the construction industry or move within it.

Click on the names below to read their story.

Name Category
Adrienne Slattery Engineer
Alex Haynes Architect
Alice Jenkins Engineer
Alicia Moerkerken Engineer
Alison Hallahan Other
Amber Stevens Engineer
Anika Kumar Project Manager
Anna Linstad Architect
Anne Egan Educator
Annie Tennant Planner
Anthea Savidis Designer
Betty Sawczuk Engineer
Carlie Wright Trades
Catherine Agnew Engineer
Charlotte Stanfield Planner
Charmian Barton Lawyer
Christie Bailey Architect
Christina Hobbes Development Manager
Claire Pocock Engineer
Collette Burke Educator
Daniella Di Ciocco Engineer
Danielle Buffier Project Manager
Davina Rooney
Project Manager
Deborah Singerman Other
Deborah Sto Domingo Other
Drenka Andjelic Director
Eloise Aschberger Other
Emma Pottie Trades
Felicity Galluzzo Engineer
Fiona Dunster Development Manager
Fiona Shewring Trades
Genette Hilton Construction
Isabella Allan Other
Jennifer McVeigh Lawyer
Jenny Paterson Project Manager
Joanne Gashumba Engineer
Joanne Staugas Lawyer
Julie Bindon Planner
Karen Tucker Trades
Kate McCarroll Engineer
Katherine Lang Project Manager
Kerry Lodge Other
Kirsten Edwards Other
Kirsten Evans Project Manager
Kylie Wood Project Manager
Laurice Temple Project Manager
Leslie Butterfield Engineer
Leslie Mohr Landscape Architect
Louise Hansen Sales & Marketing
Lucy Nolan Engineer
Marcela Ganicoche Educator
Maria Bobeldyk Supplier
Marianne Labate Sales & Marketing
Mary Ann Jackson Designer
Mary Casey Project Manager
Mary Gates Educator
Mary White Designer
Melonie Bayl Smith Architect
Michelle Caldwell-Shaw Project Manager
Michelle Elvy Engineer
Michelle Zarb Construction
Narelle Hutchins Designer
Natalie Lane-Rose Architect
Natasha Schlaadt Trades
Nicki Dockery Quantity Surveyor
Nicole Green Project Manager
Nicole Harper Other
Pippa Connolly Engineer
Rachel Kidwell Project Manager
Radmila Desic Trades
Ricci Schwarzler Construction
Rosemary Ross Architect
Ruth Kestermann Engineer
Sabrina Wakefield Project Manager
Sally Brincat Architect
Sandra Steele Lawyer
Sarah Allen Project Manager
Sarah Griffiths Development Manager
Shani Smith Sales & Marketing
Sharon Kelty Engineer
Sheree Adams Trades
Simone Concha Designer
Simone Fullerton Project Manager
Toni Blume Project Manager
Whendee Moore Engineer
Zoe McLean Construction